As an organization we follow all regulaory compliances.We follow the following workprocess & systems.


• Drawing work – AutoCad latest versions
• Design Calculation – Load Calculations on Software.
Selection of Fans & Cooling Coil.
Selection of Pumps & Motors



For each project detailed activity bar chart is prepared. Based on site priorities, work flow sequence, time frame is provided for each work. Remedial measures are taken to control items behind schedule. Critical hold points are identified right in the beginning particularly in areas where interaction with order services are involved.


We have our internal quality CHECK LISTS for various trades like ducting, piping, equipment installation etc. The site team follow these check list along with the approved drawings to inspect the work done.



i) Study of Customer need, design intent and application, system requirement & technical specifications.

ii) Visit to site. Collecting design inputs and drawings like architectural plans, reflecting ceiling plans, structural drawings and drawing related to utility areas.

iii) Calculations of cooling loads and air flow requirements for each control zone. Psychrometric analysis for critical areas, calculation of reheat figure, selections of apparatus dew points and finalizing air treatment process.

iv) Verification of systems pumping head, fan static pressure requirement, electrical load, water and air filtration need.

v) Based on above, selection of equipments of desired rating as per technical specifications.

vi) Coordination with architecture and other utilities and preparation of shop and layout drawings.

vii) Preparation of air and water flow schematics, with necessary valves, strainers and control valves details and instrumentation input.

viii) Providing inputs for utilities / work to be provided by others out side battery limits.

ix) Obtaining consultants / architects approval and release of drawings for site work.

x) Generation of material request as per approval and release if drawing for site work.

xi) Calculation of material as per purchase specification.


i) Based on the internal material request, placement of purchase order
ii) Material chasing & follow up for delivery as per agreed schedule and bar chart .
iii) Coordinate for internal inspection at manufacturer’s works
iv ) Coordinate for vendor data and drawings .


The team comprises of a project manager and an engineer at site assisted by supervisors and associates handling sheet metal ducting, thermal and acoustic insulation, piping, equipment installation, instrumentation and electrical work.

Activity chart indicating time frame and various constraints / hold points are made right in the beginning. The project progress is monitored with respect to man / material need and appropriate action is taken to meet dead lines

There are two separate teams. While the major ones handles physical site execution and other for dry run, commissioning and testing & balancing.


i) Inspection for physical completeness.

ii) Electrical work inspection including Megger test for panels, cables, motors & earthing continuity.

iii) Energizing of panels.

iv) Dry run to check for correct rotation.

v) System commissioning

vi) Air and water balancing.

vii) Validation of system for design parameters.

viii) Submission of handing over documents and as built drawings.